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Hailing from Philadelphia, Young Joshua is a Hip Hop artist who has developed a reputation for creating life music via an authentic, versatile east-coast flow.  As indicated by his name, Young Joshua’s demanding voice resonates a refreshing youthfulness, while simultaneously demonstrating the maturity of an old soul, which is capturing the attention of the younger generations.


At the early age of 11, Young Joshua began rapping, however the music he produced promoted the popular lifestyle of fast money, violence and drugs.  At age 14, Joshua crossed over and began making rap with Christian messages.  Although he made a switch in his lyrics, his lifestyle didn't reflect the same change.  He rapped about a godly lifestyle that he wasn't attempting to also live out, which lead to a long period of depression and struggles with thoughts of suicide.  Many nights Joshua would cry out unto the Lord because he was tired of living a contradiction, as he knew that he needed something better.  At the age of 17, the Lord saved Young Joshua, and his newfound relationship with Jesus redefined and reshaped both his life and his craft of rap music.


In witnessing the significant influence of Hip Hop music upon today’s world, usually in a negative manner, Joshua was inspired to sincerely continue on in Christian rap music.  His new mission became to take the gospel via Hip Hop both to believers and to people who don’t know God at all.  He now knew that Hip Hop was a serious tool that could be used to promote something that truly matters, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Young Joshua has since been actively involved with outreaches, evangelism, overseas mission trips, speaking at churches, youth conferences and public schools, and helping homeless shelters feed the hungry while sharing the love of Jesus with them all.


After an independent album release Back to Reality in 2008 and close to 50 features on other artists’ projects, Young Joshua released his first nationally distributed project Thinking Out Loud with his new label Cross Movement Records on September 7, 2010.  The young rapper is currently looking to continue furthering his message through concert engagements and other ministry opportunities.